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Buying and selling a home in Canada isn’t what it used to be. Any real estate transaction was always a challenge, but never before have the scales tipped so strongly in favour of sellers. 

Many buyers often compete over a single house recently listed on the market, and properties sell faster than ever, sometimes before they’re even listed. This ultra-competitive market makes it even more challenging for a member of the Canadian forces who has just received word of an upcoming relocation.

A military-approved Realtor® can help with every step of the process, whether you need to buy or sell.

Here’s what to look for when choosing an agent for your relocation:


Though the Canadian Forces will likely provide an approved agent for your relocation, you have other options. In many cases, a hand-selected agent is better because they are working on behalf of your interest. However, you should always use a Realtor® that is military approved.

Even an otherwise experienced agent may not have what it takes to handle the rigid demands and short time limits of a military relocation. When you’re already stressed and don’t have a moment to spare, you cannot afford for your agent to let you down.

Experience on Both Sides of the Transaction

Always look for an agent with plenty of experience with both buyers and sellers.

In the current fast-paced market, many agents want to only work with sellers. With few listings available, a house is almost guaranteed to sell. This imbalance makes the seller’s job easier than ever. 

However, a good Realtor® works and has experience on both sides of the market. They’ll take no shortcuts, no matter what side of the transaction they’re on. This experience provides valuable insight into the mindset and challenges of both buyer and seller. The result is a smoother transaction with much less chance of the deal falling through at the last minute.

A Realtor® with Local Experience

Whether you’re buying or selling, the expertise of a local agent is invaluable. A local agent has connections in the area and possibly even a list of ready buyers, meaning your house will sell quickly.

When buying, an agent will know the best neighbourhoods based on your family needs, with all the desired amenities and close to CFB Trenton. Plus, they’ll know the market inside and out as to what the average selling price is in each neighbourhood. Buying in the current market conditions is already challenging. You often have to buy a house without setting foot inside to see it.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should pay above-market prices or settle for a house that isn’t suitable, just because you need to move quickly.

How the Right Realtor® Helps Sellers

As a seller, the market is highly in your favour right now. You could list your house as-is without doing any repairs, and it will likely sell regardless. However, the right agent can help sell faster and for more money than you could on your own.

It only takes a few minor touches and repairs to increase the perceived value of your home significantly.

However, with the time crunch you’re in, you don’t have time to prepare and stage your house or do any of the upgrades that help raise its value. By selling as-is, you might get much less than the market value. Even in the current conditions, it’s imperative to prepare your house before putting it on the market.

A full-service Realtor® takes all of these preparations off your plate. 

They will have the house thoroughly cleaned and decluttered for you. 

You won’t have to spend any time deciding what upgrades are necessary. There is no need to bother with interviewing and vetting contractors. A military-approved Realtor® typically has a pool of trusted companies to handle all necessary upgrades. All of this costs you nothing upfront.

Who are some of the best contractors in the Quinte West area? Here is our list of preferred suppliers.

In the unlikely event that your house doesn’t sell, it’s the Realtor ® that is out of pocket, not you.

With a trusted agent, you also don’t have to worry about showing your home to prospective buyers. The agent handles everything, including all negotiations and paperwork associated with the sale.

How Military-Approved Local Realtor® Helps Buyers

With more buyers than sellers, this lack of inventory can mean tough competition. It can also mean being vigilant and constantly scouring for listings. The constant search is one more thing you don’t have time for as a military member. 

A local Realtor® can help because they will often have access to properties that aren’t listed on the MLS. And when you have to buy a house sight unseen, you want someone you can trust to make sure the property is sound before you place your offer.

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If you need to buy or sell anywhere in Quinte West, our experienced, military-approved agents can help every step of the way. You can find out more about our team right here.