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Relocating for a new military assignment requires a lot of planning. Precise attention to detail will go a long way to ensure your move goes smoothly. Chances are, you have access to a military agent to help with the process. The question is, should you use an agent local in the Quinte area?

The short answer is “Yes.” 

A local agent in Quinte West/Belleville with experience in military relocations will ensure all legal and financial paperwork is in order. 

Buying property in this market is already challenging. The short window of time a military member has to work with makes it even more so. Plus, you need a home that will sell quickly and at least at full value once your assignment comes to an end.

Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a real estate agent for your CFB relocation:

The duration of your House Hunting Trip (HHT)

The average HHT lasts five days, with seven days as the maximum. This gives you very little time to research, negotiate, place your offer, and get it accepted. On top of your existing duties, it is almost impossible to squeeze it all in. A military-approved Realtor®can have most of it (if not all) done before you even arrive. 

The current market is very competitive, and you may have to place your offer virtually – with no conditions. If this happens, you need the expertise of a local agent on your side. 

Here are just a few tasks the right agent can take off your shoulders:

  • Arranging the home inspection 
  • Negotiating the best possible price
  • Settling on a closing date (usually 60 – 90 days)
  • Ensuring all documentation is correct.
  • Completing all minor repairs before you move in.

When you’re in a time crunch, having someone else handle everything erases much of the stress from your move. 

If your agent is local, they can even arrange a virtual walkthrough through Skype or Google Meet. It’s almost like being there yourself, making sure the home fits your needs.

Financing a military relocation

Financing any new home purchase can be a challenge. The good news is that many lenders across Canada offer a defence special to military members. 

These benefits may include:

  • A smaller down payment
  • Lower interest rates 
  • No penalties when reselling

The documentation requirements for a loan application can be stringent. Even a small data entry error can cause the bank to decline your loan. To a regular purchaser, this is an annoying setback. But it’s a nightmare for a military member with only five days to get things done. 

Nothing is worse than finding the perfect house on short notice only to have something fall. A military-approved agent can help you avoid any last-minute disasters.

Minimum Property Requirements

Even with the power of Internet research, there are things you’ll never know until you set foot in the home. Every listing looks beautiful on paper and in the photos, but can be very different in person. 

If you had the luxury of time on your side, you could work with the home inspector to ensure everything is safe and structurally sound. A military person on an HHT does not have that luxury. Broken windows, missing handrails, or exposed wires are significant safety risks. A local agent can spot these dealbreakers a mile away and save you a world of heartaches when it’s time to move. 

If you’re using a military agent, you’re in good hands in terms of safety and financing. They will advocate for your needs every step of the way. What they won’t be able to do is guide you to the perfect home in a desirable area. 

A military-approved local agent in Quinte West/Belleville can do it all:

A local agent will listen to you and help you find the amenities and the environment you want. Do you want to be close to the city, or would you prefer something more rural?

Here are three of Trenton’s best neighbourhoods for your relocation:


If you want affordable housing near the best restaurants, the Trenton area is for you. You can find everything from fine dining, fast food, specialty cafes with outdoor patios and everything in between. In the summer, grab an ice cream cone at Bayshore Park as you watch the boats on the river. You’ll also be close to elementary and secondary schools, making it a great place for your family.


If country living is more your speed, you’ll love the natural beauty of Batawa, especially if you love winter sports. Batawa is famous for its ski hill and outdoor skating rinks. And you’ll never be far away from the action. CFB Trenton and downtown are a short, 20-minute drive away.

Belleville –
Potters Creek

Located only ten minutes away from CFB Trenton, Potters Creek is home to many military families. Nature lovers will love exploring Quinte Conservation Area and Zwick’s Park nearby. Hiking, golfing, and cycling are just a few activities to enjoy in this peaceful, safe area. Plenty of schools nearby make Potters Creek an ideal neighbourhood for families. When you crave a night on the town, downtown Belleville is a quick six-minute drive away. 

Want to know more about living in Potters Creek? You can check out our community guide here.

Do you want to work with an approved military real estate agent who is also a Quinte local? Parks Group can help. Find out more and book a free consultation here.