Living in Downtown Belleville

Enjoy urban living in Belleville’s entertainment hub.

Where is Downtown Belleville?

Downtown Belleville is along the waterfront, in the heart of the city.

Who Lives Here?

All kinds of people. The walkability of downtown makes the city’s core a great place for everyone from young buyers seeking unique homes to retirees who want to stay active. There’s also no shortage of professionals in the core, including real estate agents, bankers, lawyers—you name it.

Downtown Belleville Real Estate

Downtown Belleville is full of historic brick buildings that are just waiting to be transformed into modern live-work spaces. And the prices? Let’s just say, they’re jaw-droppingly low compared to what buyers pay for similar properties in places like Toronto. There’s also a crop of new condo projects in the works, and they’re sure to bring more young professionals to the area. Can you say potential?

More About Downtown Belleville

We may be a little biased when it comes to Downtown Belleville, since this is where our offices are. But really, being at the heart of it all has just shown us what the area has to offer.

First off, downtown is a great place to go shopping, and there’s an incredible local farmer’s market (held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). While you’re there, scope out the nearby City Hall building—it’s historic, and seriously awe-inspiring. Afterwards, hit up the trail along the Moira River. Whether you’re on foot or bicycle, it’s a great place to enjoy the great outdoors within the city.

When we say downtown is Belleville’s entertainment hub, we mean it. Most notably, there’s the Empire Square and Theatre. The theatre originally opened in 1938 under a different name, closed in the 1960s, and has since been completely revitalized. Today, you’ll find some of the biggest names in entertainment here. Psst…nearby Empire Square may look like a parking lot, but in the warmer months, it turns into an impressive outdoor venue!

Properties For Sale In Downtown Belleville